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Energy - Mining

Natural Resources and Mining

Looking at the natural resources of Adıyaman province, it is possible to talk about a potential in a serious way. As a result of the studies carried out by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration in Adıyaman and its immediate surroundings, industrial raw materials and metallic mineral deposits and reserves have been revealed to a large extent. There are also phosphate-containing iron reserves in Adıyaman, where copper, chrome and manganese fields from metallic mines are identified. In the city, there are cement raw materials, barite, brick tile and phosphate deposits as industrial raw material sources. The central district is especially important in terms of cement raw materials; Apart from this, there are limestone, marl and clay reserves and geological brick-tile reserves in the central district. Phosphate reserves are found in Tut district and lignite reserves in Gölbaşı district.

Kind of the Mine


Amount (Thousanda Tones)


Çelikhan, Sincik






Gölbaşı, Besni, Tut



Besni, Çelikhan, Gölbaşı


Raw material of the brick and tile

Samsat, Kahta, Gölbaşı





Cement raw material




There are also 209 oil wells in Adıyaman and it has a daily production capacity of 8,713 barrels. This production capacity of crude oil corresponds to approximately 20% production in Turkey.


Another important underground resource of Adıyaman is marble reserves. With the start of the marble reserves in 2006, a significant potential for economic value has begun to emerge in the city. However, it is not possible to mention that the importance and value of the marble sector has been understood adequately and development plans have been made. In Adıyaman, systematic studies are needed in this area for the marble sector to contribute sufficiently to economic and social development.


Adiyaman has 15% of the total marble reserves in Turkey (approximately 2 billion tons). It exports nearly 90% of the marbles to China, India and Thailand. The marble produced in the province is commercially named as 'Light and Dark Emperador'.


The marble trade in the province is generally carried out in raw blocks. The development of the construction sector in China in recent years has positively affected the export of Adıyaman marble. In order for the marble exported as raw block to create a higher added value to the economy of the province, it is necessary to increase the number of marble processing facilities. Marble Specialization OIZ installation works are continuing in the province.



Solar energy, its potential and ease of use compared to other renewable energy sources has an opportunity an easier way to proliferation. Adiyaman, with the potential for solar energy in terms of the geographical location as one of the lucky cities in the country. The annual total of 3,000 hours sunshine time, with this potential Adiyaman is one of the best region within Turkey and around the world.




Adiyaman province has met with the marble production in 2006. Adiyaman, with rapidly expanding production of marble, is poised to become the shining star of this sector. In Adiyaman for over twenty marble quarries and two marble factories in operation. The sector has already provided employment to nearly 500. Known as Dark and Light emperador marble stone is produced, in the province. Total reserves of the sector, are estimated to be approximately 2 billion tons, has potential to affect profoundly the trade life and the socio- cultural life of the province.



Adıyaman has rich mine resources that include industrial raw material and metallic mine reserves. Çelikhan-Karlık has copper reserves and Gerger , Bulam-Pınarbaşı areas have iron ore reserves. Bu in consequence of being off-grade and phospated, those mines can not be processed. Tut-Meryemuşağı, Gölbaşı-Yumaklıcerit, Çelikköy and Merkez–Küçükhacıvert areas have significant manganese reserves.


As industrial raw material source, center of Adıyaman is important by its medium quality cement raw material reserves.  Beside these, Central Adıyaman has also limestone, marl and clay reserves, geological brick-tile reserves. Baryte reserves are in Besni district, phosphat reserves are in Tut district and Golbaşı-Harmanlı has brown coal reserves.