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Guided Project Support

In order to provide direct support without applying the call for proposals method, guided projects are implemented as special model projects whose subject and conditions are determined under the leadership and direction of the agency in line with the priorities envisaged in the regional plan.


The agency can provide financial support up to 75% of the total project cost in guided projects. This rate can be increased up to 90% with the approval of the board of directors. Eligible applicants are designated as non-profit institutions, institutions protecting the public interest, companies whose dominant partner is publicly qualified organizations.


Guided Project Support Private Sector Coverage:


>Development of production and export capacity,

>Creating good practice examples,

>Supporting sectoral specialization,

>Development, transfer or dissemination of special knowledge, skills and technologies,

>Development of new financing models,

>Supporting public-university-industry cooperation,

>Development of new service and production organizations,

>Creating cooperation networks and value chain,

>Supporting clusters,

>Development of new industrial infrastructure and organizational models,

>Human resources development in areas that the sectors in the region will need.


Guided Project Support Social Sector Coverage:

In a way to strengthen social solidarity and sense of responsibility, protect and develop cultural values;


>Establishing an infrastructure that will facilitate the accessibility of disadvantaged groups to social, cultural and physical services,

>Prevention of the negative effects of migration,

>Facilitating social life,

>Keeping the intangible cultural heritage alive.