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Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

MEU is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of grant programs and projects and activities supported by the Agency within the framework of the regional plan and regional operational programs. MEU provides regular monitoring of support activities to ensure the use of resources of the Agency in line with regional plans and operational programs and to achieve more efficient, effective and sustainable results. It also deals closely with success of implementation of projects and activities supported by the Agency, their competence with laws and procedures, and problems and needs of beneficiaries. Head of Unit is elected amongst specialists within the unit and acts with the approval of the Executive Committee. The duties of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit are as follows:


Monitoring, auditing and evaluating the supported activities and projects and reporting the results to the Executive Board and State Planning Organization (SPO),

Making ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluations of supported projects/activities, evaluating improvements in performance indicators and preparing periodic evaluation reports.,

Preparing impact assessment reports of programs implemented and projects/activities supported by the agency, in order to analyze impacts, results and success degrees in regard of regional development.,

Ensuring appropriate and effective use of resources of the Agency in the implementation process of projects and activities, which are technically or financially supported by the Agency,

In the coordination of SPO, contributing to the preparation of legal and administrative framework of monitoring and evaluation of financial and technical supports; basic principles and rules, responsibilities, standards of documents, rules binding beneficiaries,

Coordinating the monitoring information system which is designed for monitoring the supported projects and activities,

Preparing contracts which will be signed with beneficiaries who have qualified to receive supports from Agency and active participation in the contracting process,

Making ex-ante monitoring visits to projects if found necessary by Secretary General before the contracting process,

Confirmation of the truth of the information given in contracts after the contracts are signed; assessment of the implementation capacity of beneficiaries and preparing a road-map for the implementation of the action with beneficiaries;  according to the risk and need assessment of project, reporting to Secretary General about pre-financing and its amount,

Giving education to beneficiaries on subjects like project/activity implementation and procurement procedures, the use of monitoring information system and reporting, etc.,

Assisting beneficiaries in obstacles and problems occurred in the implementation process of projects/activities,

Making monitoring visits to supported projects/activities,

Assisting projects and activities which are on implementation stage to reach foreseen objectives and targets, and continue in compliance with rules and regulations and the contract,

Assessing risks, adopting measures; and operating actions on contract amendments, annulments, irregularity and pay-backs when it is necessary,

Evaluation of narrative/final reports and requests for payments of beneficiaries, ensuring on time payments, auditing the expenses,

Compiling beneficiaries questions about their projects and activities and publishing these questions with their answers in the web under the title of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Preparing the activity reports for the unit.

Carrying out other duties given by the Secretary General.


The personnel acting in the unit:


Head of Unit



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