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Program Management Unit

Project Management Unit (PMB) is responsible for support program which is designed in accordance with the Regional Plan and Operational Program prepared by the Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit (PPKB). PMB carries out the duties of accepting applications, determining the successful projects or activities and signing the contracts with the beneficiaries. Head of Unit is elected amongst specialists within the unit and acts with the approval of the Executive Committee. The duties of the Project Management Unit are as follows:

a)Developing and updating general framework of implementation mechanism related to supports.

b)Identifying application, eligibility and evaluation criteria according to program priorities and guideline.

c)Preparing and publishing application guidelines and publishing them via internet.

d)Taking steps for dissemination of calls for proposals.

e)Announcing support programs and holding information meetings.

f)Publishing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the web site.

g)Organizing project drafting training.

h)Receiving and registering applications.

i)Taking active role in the determination process of Independent Assessors.

j)Planning and managing project evaluation process,

k)Announcing awarded projects and activities,

l)Signing contracts with awarded project owners

m)Revising the budgets of the successful projects according to assessments and informing beneficiaries.

n)Inviting beneficiaries for signing the contracts.

o)Keeping records of applied projects, evaluation process and basic information about the projects.

p)Encircling the required documentation to the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.

q)Preparing the activity reports for the unit.

r)Carrying out other duties given by the Secretary General.

The personnel acting in the unit:

Abdulmenap ERTAŞ

Head of Unit

H. Serap ÖZEN


Pınar Duman


Ahmet Serhat KARADUMAN