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Promotion & Cooperation Unit

PCU is responsible for conducting researches to accelerate the economic, social and cultural development of the TRC1 Region and to increase its competitiveness, executing competitive analysis of provinces and sectors of TRC1 Region and carrying out activities aimed at increasing competitiveness, implementing the cluster and cluster policies of the TRC1 Region and developing projects to increase the social, economic and cultural development and competitiveness of TRC1 Region, providing financial resources to the agency from national and international fund sources and coordination of the agency's in-service training needs determination and the conduct of these trainings.

The duties of the Promotion and Cooperation Unit are as follows:

a) To develop projects to increase the social, economic and cultural development and competitiveness of TRC1 Region and to provide resources to the region from national and international fund resources. In this context, to cooperate with other institutions and organizations,

b) In order to achieve regional development goals; To develop cooperation and joint organizations between public, private and non-governmental organizations,

c) To ensure the coordination of the Agency's in-service training needs determination and the execution of these trainings,

d) To ensure that the agency develops and promotes relations with local, national and international organizations,

e) Meeting, seminar, conference, symposium, etc. planning and coordinating organizations,

f) To prepare the communication strategy of the agency, to determine the corporate promotion policy and to ensure the necessary coordination,

g) To ensure the visibility of the agency by following the design and printing activities of the agency's corporate identity materials,

h) To organize national and international organizations within the scope of promotion and cooperation,

i) To determine, plan and coordinate the training needs for increasing local capacity,

j) To organize and follow the broadcasting and organization activities,

k) To carry out local, national and international press and public relations activities,

l) To organize and update corporate magazines, bulletins, brochures and catalogs related to the activities of the Agency,

m) To prepare activity reports related to the unit,

n) To enter and update the necessary information on the subjects included in the job descriptions into the Development Agencies Management System (KAYS),

o) To perform similar duties to be assigned by the General Secretariat.



The personnel acting in the unit:

Yusuf Cem Yaman

Head of Unit