Direct Financial Support Guided Project Support Feasibility Support Technical Support


The agency supports the projects and activities of the following entities under the rules and regulations of the support mechanism: Local administrations, universities, NGO’s, chambers, unions, SME’s and cooperatives. Support types are listed below:


- Direct Financial Support Programme

- Direct Activity Support Programme

- Guided Project Support Programme

- Interest Support Programme,

- Interest-free Credit Support Programme

- Technical Support Programme


Evaluation and monitoring process has a crucial importance for the agency due to measuring the impacts of the support programs. In this context, projects and activities, supported in accordance with the regional plan and other programs, are monitored and publicly shared on regular basis.


There has always been need for institutions coordinating entrepreneursin terms of problems and demands and informing investors regardingsupports and incentives in one-stop shop approach, guiding them. Many institutions provide supportsimultaneously to investors by means ofdifferent support mechanisms such as grant and loan and many entrepreneurs cannot always have sufficient knowledge about those mechanisms. In this context, not only do agenciesinform entrepreneurs about grant within theAgency but also they help investors attain information about national and international funds and guide them about support and incentive schemes through investment support offices in their region. Within this framework SDA Investment Support Offices (ISO) in the region, provide the necessary information for investors who want to learn about investment opportunities. SDA ISO work on bringing investors to the regionjoining national and international fairs. Support provided by other institutions and organizations, and activities carried out at the local level are being followed by ISOs.


With regard to promotion of the region, the people and institutions inside and outside the region are informed by the SDA Promotion and Cooperation Unit (working closely with ISOs) andthe possible opportunities for cooperation with the relevant stakeholders are investigated. Besides,information about the grant and fund programs carried out under scope of the European Union and other international institutions is provided to our stakeholders and as SDA we also apply to some funds.