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Secreteriat General

The office of the Secreteriat General is the execution body of the Agency. The chief official of the Office of the Secreteriat General and investment support offices is the General Secretary.

The Secretary General shall be accountable to the Board of Directors.



a) Execute Board of Directors' decisions.


b) Prepare the annual activity program and budget and submit the same to the Board of Directors.


c) Collect the revenues of the Agency and make expenditures in accordance with the budget, decisions of the Board of Directors and procedures and principles to be determined in accordance with article.


d) Under condition to remain within the limits to be determined by the Board of Directors, to take decisions on procurement, selling, renting the services and goods, save vehicles.


e) Perform activities to improve project devising and the application capacity of persons, institutions and establishments in the region.


f) Evaluate the projects and activity proposals of private sector, non-governmental organizations and local administrations and make proposals to the Board of Directors to provide financial support.


g) Follow, evaluate, audit and report supported projects and activities.


h) Cooperate and develop joint projects with agencies and establishments in the country and abroad about regional development.


i) Provide technical support for planning works of local administrations.


j) Determine personnel's performance criteria and evaluate their performances.


k) Propose recruitment and dismissal of personnel to the Board of Directors.


l) Attend national and international meetings about regional development on behalf of the Office of the Agency Secretary General and pay official visits to foreign countries.


m) Carry out secretarial works of the Agency and other services falling into its area of responsibility.


n) Exercise powers conveyed by the Board of Directors.


o) Attend meeting of Board of Directors.


p) Propose to the Board of Directors to provide financial support for person and institutions projects and activities.


q) Present results of the secterial budget to Board of Directors  after end of budget period in March.


r) Control accounts, actvities and performancesof agency and present internal control report to Development Council and Boar of Directors