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Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation in Kilis is provided with motorways and an airport. Also, there is a railway border gate, Cobanbey Railway Station located within the province border. This railway border crossing not only between Turkey and Syria or Iraq, but also between Europe and the Middle East has become more efficient railway transportation. Gaziantep Airport has capacity to provide services to approximately 4 million passengers yearly and is located 47 km from the city center of Kilis. The province’s the most important transportation network, motorways, especially with the recent projects, increased the logistics potential in the region.









Border Gates




Kilis Öncüpınar

5 km

Hatay (İskenderun)

149 km

Kilis Çobanbey

36 km


312 km

Hatay Cilvegözü

152 km



Şırnak Habur

570 km







Kilis is located on the historic Silk Road, one of the most important cultural and trade routes from Asia to Europe. The province of Kilis in Southeastern Anatolia has a surface area of ​​1,521 km2 and its altitude is 643 meters. Kilis became a province in 1995 and consists of the districts of Merkez, Polateli, Musabeyli and Elbeyli. Kilis is surrounded by in the south Turkey-Syria border, in the west and northwest İslahiye, in the north and northeastern Central Gaziantep and in the east Oğuzeli. The features of the Mediterranean and continental climates can be seen in the center of the province which is located on the slopes of Mount Resul Osman stretching from east to west and is located on an even terrain.